About Us

Five generations of Ormands in the salvage yard industry.

We are family owned and operated.  Our family has been in the used automotive industry since the 1920s.  Our mother worked for her parents until they sold in 2001 at Austin Salvage Pool, now known as Insurance Auto Auction.  Our father owned Capitol City Auto Parts in Austin until 2011 when he sold to LKQ.  With both of our parents and all of our family members in this industry, it was only natural that we ended up in the industry too.

Janee- the oldest of her parents, Graduated from Concordia University with Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences, loves fishing, hunting, cornhole. Has 2 beautiful and smart daughters who are 6 and 3.

Johnny- the middle child, 18 months younger than Janee. He is a manager of operations, but is truly the best salesman. Proud dad of 3+ cats. In his free time he likes to play with his nieces or golf or play poker and during football season, he is devoted to his fantasy football.

We are the product of two very competitive parents. We thrived in almost every sport. We pushed each other to be the best in our field. We became golf champs, tennis champs, basketball champs, and baseball/softball champs. Both Janee and Johnny went to college on baseball/softball scholarships. Our little brother, Robby, is a professional golfer. On Thursday and Fridays you can catch us watching his live scores roll in as we are working. Then when the guys walk in they’ll ask for an update and cheer him on too.

Dad’s side of the family worked the salvage yards. Mom’s side of the family owned and ran Austin Salvage Pool, which is now Insurance Auto Auctions. This is in our blood. We started with Dad at Capitol City Auto Parts, in Austin, TX which is now LKQ. When he sold in 2011, we purchased Burnet Auto Salvage. While we loved our time and experience at Burnet Auto Salvage, we realized early on that expansion opportunities were limited.

In 2019 we saw the potential that Hill Country Auto Salvage had and almost quadrupled the amount of land we had to expand and grow. Dad came out of retirement to help us navigate our dreams for Hill Country Auto Salvage & Towing. The task of closing one location while opening and growing another was not for the faint of heart. However, the transition is going great, and tracking on time for a mid September exit of Burnet Auto Salvage.

We are 100% excited about Hill Country Auto Salvage & Towing in Marble Falls.