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Quality Parts

  • Our quality parts come with a standard 90 day warranty.
  • Major components like engines and transmissions are always tested and verified to work.
  • We can ship these items anywhere in the USA
  • We have a quick and simple way to access to over 130 Million parts online but if you don’t find the part you need, we can find it for you ~ just call or email us with the information.

How is it we can do a 90 day warranty?

As soon as a vehicle comes in we test the motors and recording them running. Also, we lift the vehicle off the ground and run the transmission through all of its gears. When we sell a motor we test compression and video record this, we turn the motor over to make sure its not locked up, and check the pan. For transmissions, we drop the pan and inspect it, as well as smell the fluid to make sure it transmission was not burnt up. We also pull the pan on rear ends and inspect for any ware and tear.

We give a 90 day warranty, so if one of our products goes out during warranty and we don’t have a replacement, we have to buy one from another yard. So we do our very best to only sell quality used auto parts. We truly have one of the best return rates of any salvage yards. 

Online Inventory Search Tool

These links below are a way to search over 130 Million parts. Find the part you need with our online inventory search tool just click on one of our search links.